Marlborough House – Guest House, Bed and Breakfast

Being a Rick Steves devotee, I consulted his latest England Guide Book and perused his recommendations for Bath.  He says on his programs that if you are exploring England, Bath is a good place to get over your jet lag and start.  Also, if the guide … [Read more...]

Day 1. Travel to England and Arrival in Bath – June 29, 2016

Getting to SeaTac and flying over was no big deal. Been there, done that. All went as planned except for sleeping on the plane - no go. I flew Business Class after finding out about Business Class Consolidators and getting a really good fare for the … [Read more...]

Europe 2016 – Pilgrimage and Exploration

The main impetus for this journey, other than getting out of the US for a bit, was to attend a class in Chartres, France that I had been wanting to do since I learned of it two years ago. When you go through all the trouble and expense of going to … [Read more...]

What Started it All

In May of 2013, I made my first trip to Europe.  I did the Rick Steves 14 Day Best of Europe Tour.  While in Munich, I started thinking about where we might be from.  Munich felt very "home" like.  So once I returned, I found the information Richard … [Read more...]

What About the Wurtz’s? (Grandmother Elizabeth Wurtz Berger Erhardt)

Unfortunately, I do not have a great “story” to tell about the Wurtz family.  From my research, I can tell they probably have a similar story to the Berger’s as I found that they were from an area just northwest of where the Berger’s are from.  They … [Read more...]

Setting the Record Straight on the Berger-Wurtz-Erhardt Connection

My research was not concerned with the Erhardt’s.  I was most interested in my lineage which would be that of Grandfather John Berger and Grandmother Elizabeth Wurtz Berger Erhardt. The story I always knew was that Grandfather John died when dad … [Read more...]

The Drive From Frankfurt to Wissembourg

The journey starts in Frankfurt after having spent some time in Amsterdam and Frankfurt.  I flew into Amsterdam and stayed 3 nights.  After that, I took the train to Frankfurt to visit for 2 days.  I picked up a rental car in Frankfurt and drove to … [Read more...]

From Where Does Everyone Come?

We have always said we are German.  Well, not so fast.  Based on the research by Cousin Brian over in London and taking off on that in Ancestry, you could say we are more Alsatian than strictly German.  Our relatives straddled the border of what is … [Read more...]


The prelude to our story starts in Wissembourg, France.  It is here where Cousin Brian finds evidence of our 6th Great Grandparents, Peter and Magdalena Berger, and their son, our 5th Great Grandfather, Jacob.  In his book, They Dared to Dream, Brian … [Read more...]


Just a few minutes northwest of Wissembourg is a little village called Bobenthal which is on the German side of the border.  It is thought that Jacob could have been born here, lived here, and/or worked here prior to claiming his inheritance and … [Read more...]