Europe 2016 – Pilgrimage and Exploration

The main impetus for this journey, other than getting out of the US for a bit, was to attend a class in Chartres, France that I had been wanting to do since I learned of it two years ago.

When you go through all the trouble and expense of going to Europe, you might as well make it worth your while.  Since I had ample time, I added some other journeys as well.  Keeping with the Druid theme, I added Glastonbury where the Druids found that the Tor there was a mystical place, and Stonehenge – those big rocks out in the middle of the field that they somehow got there 4500 years ago.  And there were other places along the way which will be shared in this blog.

In the meantime, I started working at Metro, was low on the totem pole and really did not expect to get the time off to do this.  However, my cornea transplants from 15 and 16 years ago need to be redone.  See below to see how that worked out.  All in all, everything worked out just fine.  The list of places I got to amazes me – but that’s how I travel.

My Facebook post from 6/28 as I was headed off:

When I went to the eye doctor last November, I planned on dong the eye surgery first of the year thinking I’d be off a week at most. He looked at my Metro shirt, asked what I did for them, “Drive” I said;” “No, you will be off for 3 months,” he said. 

I had a brilliant stroke of genius sitting there. I said, “well then, I can do it in mid-June, hit my one year mark at Metro, AND go to a class in Chartres, France the fist week of July that I have been wanting to go to for 2 years!” He voiced no opposition.

At that same time, I was trying to figure out how I would get the first week of July off at Metro being low on the seniority list. I was planning on a full scale assault to make going to this class happen. And voila! – all I needed to do was schedule a surgical procedure which requires no strenuous activity for 3 months! 

I had set an intention for this class Fall 2014 when I first learned of it. It is on music and spirituality in Chartres, France. 

There are a few other side adventures planned. I’ll keep you posted. No, I am not scared of terrorists in Europe any more than I am in the USA. Yes, I saw what happened in Turkey today.

Stay tuned – we are on our way!


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