Goersdorf – The Story Starts Here

Goersdorf is where we first officially find Jacob.  He leaves Wissembourg and heads south to Goersdorf.  Here is a video from the drive to Goersdorf.  I could not figure out how people got from where they were to eastern Russia to head back to … [Read more...]

Goersdorf – Church

After driving around a bit, I found the Catholic church and went in.  This is the church where Jacob and his first wife, Maria Magdalena Biesser, were married.  Maria's parents were wealthy Swiss land owners in the region and owned vineyards in … [Read more...]


After Maria Magdalena dies in 1754, Jacob marries Anna Maria Hutler a few months later.  This marriage takes place in the church in Preuschdorf, which is right down the road from Goersdorf.  Unfortunately, I was not able to get into the church.  Born … [Read more...]


On the drive from Wissembourg, you will come upon Lampertsloch, then Preuschdorf, followed by Goersdorf.  In his will, Jacob left money to the three Catholic churches in each village.  The drive in between each is about 2-3 minutes - about the time … [Read more...]

Freckenfeld & Minfeld

Fourth Great Grandfather Mathias, son of Jacob, marries Maria Catharina Huener of Freckenfeld, Germany in October of 1786.   By now, he has moved to Jockgrim, but that story will be part of the Jockgrim post. They marry in Minfeld, which is the next … [Read more...]


Jockgrim, Germany is the last place the Berger line lived prior to leaving for eastern Russia.  Research shows they spent about 20 years here.  Jockgrim is a mix of old houses, new houses, the old church, and a new church built in the late 1960's. … [Read more...]

Jockgrim – New Church: St. Georg

Jockgrim opened a new church in 1968.  I really liked this place.  This church was stunning!  The churches built around Seattle at the same  time are pathetic in comparison.  This was the only new church I saw.  The rest were renovations that were … [Read more...]

Jockgrim – St. Dionysius

The place in Jockgrim I really wanted to get into was the original church in town - St. Dionysius (there are variations on the spelling).  This church's tower dominates the city skyline.  This was the church our ancestors attended prior to leaving … [Read more...]

Good bye Jockgrim

After I had completed all my explorations around the Ancestral Homeland, I made one last trip through Jockgrim.  It was to say good bye to the place where our journey from our homeland had begun.  Our ancestors did not come back here when they left … [Read more...]

Let’s Recap the Berger Line

The tour started in Wissembourg, France.  This is where it is believed that 6th GG Grandparents Peter and Magdalena lived when they died.  It is here that 5th GG Grandfather collects his inheritance.  It is believed that he may have lived and/or … [Read more...]