Day 1. Travel to England and Arrival in Bath – June 29, 2016

Getting to SeaTac and flying over was no big deal. Been there, done that. All went as planned except for sleeping on the plane – no go. I flew Business Class after finding out about Business Class Consolidators and getting a really good fare for the flight – nonstop round trips on Delta.

Upon arrival, it’s like any other airport – follow the signs to Baggage Reclaim (as they say here) and go through customs. In London, if you are going into the city, you take Heathrow Express for a quick trip in to Paddington Station where you can easily connect to the London Underground, or “Tube” as they call it. Just follow the signs.

At Paddington, I was initially planning on taking the 4:30pm train to Bath. I looked at the monitor and it said there was a 4pm train. I had 7 minutes to spare, the platform for that train was in front of me, and the ticket machine was behind me. I was on at 3:57. Full train. Standing room only – I got one of the last seats available. Beats not having to stand for 90 minutes.

Upon arriving in Bath, I made my way out front. Across the street was a shopping area, Southgate/Bath, with a variety of stores. I decided to find an ATM and get a supply of cash. In the center was a large TV set up with chairs for people who wanted to watch the tennis matches at Wimbledon. There are a few hanging out watching. And right across from that – the Apple Store! I got a picture but did not go in. I found a cash machine and made it back to the train station to catch a taxi to my guest house, Marlborough House.

Peter Moore, the proprietor, greeted me when I arrived a little before 6pm. We sat down and he showed me the map of town, how to get to the main sites, and where I needed to be for my morning tour. He showed me to my room which is up one flight of stairs, It is a large bedroom with its own bathroom. A big bay window looks out onto the street. After he pointed out a few things in the room, he was off, and I laid down for a brief nap.

Around 8:45 I walked over to “The Hop Pole” for dinner. It was a 5 minute walk. A cute little pub that was comfortably full. I found a table next to a couple who had their black lab in there with them.

I ordered the tomato soup and hamburger. I started out with an Amsetl LIght and then had one of their brews, Bath Gem. That was served true English style – warm. Worth a try once. And once it is. I prefer my beer cold.

The tomato soup was excellent – very tasty. The hamburger was also excellent. The chips were nice and crisp on the outside and fluffy inside. They were sort of steak fry like.

I came back, wrapped up couple of things, and went to bed. The day was done.

My flight left Seattle at 9pm.  This was the view out the window as we made our way across the continent.

Arrival in Bath

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