Marlborough House – Guest House, Bed and Breakfast

Being a Rick Steves devotee, I consulted his latest England Guide Book and perused his recommendations for Bath.  He says on his programs that if you are exploring England, Bath is a good place to get over your jet lag and start.  Also, if the guide … [Read more...]

Day 1. Travel to England and Arrival in Bath – June 29, 2016

Getting to SeaTac and flying over was no big deal. Been there, done that. All went as planned except for sleeping on the plane - no go. I flew Business Class after finding out about Business Class Consolidators and getting a really good fare for the … [Read more...]

Europe 2016 – Pilgrimage and Exploration

The main impetus for this journey, other than getting out of the US for a bit, was to attend a class in Chartres, France that I had been wanting to do since I learned of it two years ago. When you go through all the trouble and expense of going to … [Read more...]