What About the Wurtz’s? (Grandmother Elizabeth Wurtz Berger Erhardt)

Unfortunately, I do not have a great “story” to tell about the Wurtz family.  From my research, I can tell they probably have a similar story to the Berger’s as I found that they were from an area just northwest of where the Berger’s are from.  They all seem to have ended up in the same area in what is now Ukraine as the Berger’s.  There was only one duplicate village between the Berger’s and Wurtz’s and that was Kuhardt.  And that was generations before the migration, so they probably did not know anyone.

In August of 2013, while in Spokane for cousin Christy Berger Smith’s 50th Birthday party, I asked if she had any of Aunt Paulina Berger’s info on the family history.  I remember Aunt Pauline showing me a big family tree with lots of information filled in, it was a big yellowish piece of paper.  She even showed me how we were related to Eva Braun – yes, that Eva Braun (it’s many cousins several removed).  The Braun’s show up as Great Great Grandmother Margaret Braun. mother of Great Grandmother Anna Marie Hoerner.

Christy went downstairs and brought a box up with some stuff, not the chart I was looking for, but it did have something pretty cool – someone, somewhere along the way had a somewhat complete ancestry search done on the Wurtz/Horner family.  I believe it was Cousin/Step Aunt Monica Erhardt Bazlen who had that put together.  There were notes from her and she did mention it on a call with her.  This book is about 2-3 inches thick with details on everyone.  This was a great find.  My focus was just on the direct line of ancestors, not their siblings and children.

The Wurtz side of the equation is blank.  All we know is that our great grandfather was Adam Wurtz who was born in Odessa, Russia and died in Glen Ulin, North Dakota.  I spoke with Monica before I left for my tour and she had no further information on them.

Our Great Grandmother Anna Maria Hoerner we pretty much have full lineage on.  3rd GG Mother Katharine Fried is a dead end.  5th GG Parents Braun stop in the mid 1700’s.  Outside of them, that clan can be traced back to the early 1600’s!

The Horner’s appear to go back and forth between “Horner” and “Hoerner”.  Once the Berger’s went to “Berger” from “Burger with the dots over the ‘u’”, it was Berger.


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