Jockgrim, Germany is the last place the Berger line lived prior to leaving for eastern Russia.  Research shows they spent about 20 years here.  Jockgrim is a mix of old houses, new houses, the old church, and a new church built in the late 1960’s.  This was a farming town.  Today, it is also a bedroom community to Karlsruhe.  Many of the residents work in nearby factories which include Mercedes and BASF.

There is an informative website about the city of Jockgrim.  You can find lots of good information here.  The village celebrates is 750th Anniversary in 2015.

I travelled there in late August.  I was surprised not to find many businesses open.  There were a couple of cafes, 2 bars, and a casino that I found open.  August was what fit in my schedule despite knowing that Europeans take August off.

Unfortunately, I did not have my copy of cousin Brian’s book with me because he found the house/address where Mathias and Maria Catharina lived with their family and mother Anna maria.  Still, it was good to be in town.

Following are some scenes around Jockgrim.


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