Good bye Jockgrim

After I had completed all my explorations around the Ancestral Homeland, I made one last trip through Jockgrim.  It was to say good bye to the place where our journey from our homeland had begun.  Our ancestors did not come back here when they left Russia after 100 years.  They all boarded ships bound for America in Hamburg.

I found this craft brewery open when I drove through, s Froschl.  It was a nice little place.  I wasn’t going to eat anything but the bartender insisted I try their “schnitzel” – ok, fine.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but it seemed to me to be a flattened, deep fried pork chop.  I had schnitzel.  I also learned they have rooms to rent there as well.  I was quoted a price of €30 which isn’t bad.  You can see pics on their website.   Here are a few pictures I took of the place.

My purpose in stopping was to raise a glass in recognition of our ancestors.  And that is what I did.

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