Goersdorf – Church

After driving around a bit, I found the Catholic church and went in.  This is the church where Jacob and his first wife, Maria Magdalena Biesser, were married.  Maria’s parents were wealthy Swiss land owners in the region and owned vineyards in Goersdorf and around.  They would go on to have 5 children.  Following is a video I made in this church and pictures I took.  The church obviously has since been renovated, however, it was great to be in there.

Note – Jacob and Anna Maria were not married in this church.  It was Jacob and his first wife.  Anna Maria was the 2nd wife – more on her in the next town.


At this time, French wars were going on, farmers were being forced off their land, and the citizens were to pay exorbitant taxes.  There were also executions of many of the sons of the Alsace region.  Fortunately, our ancestors were able to survive and keep their land.  In July of 1754, Maria Magdalena dies.  Jacob remarries in September 1754, as was done at the time, to give his children a mother.  He marries Anna Maria Huttler down the road at the Catholic church in Preuschdorf.

Again, I thank cousin Brian Berger for his tremendous research and getting this information.

Next stop:  Preuschdorf.

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