Goersdorf – The Story Starts Here

Goersdorf is where we first officially find Jacob.  He leaves Wissembourg and heads south to Goersdorf.  Here is a video from the drive to Goersdorf.  I could not figure out how people got from where they were to eastern Russia to head back to Hamburg and then on to North Dakota.  This gives you an idea of the topography of the land.

Along the way, I stopped at a winery, Cave Cleebourg, wine tasted and took a few pictures.  It was a beautiful place.

Onward to Goersdorf, here are a few shots along the way.

Here we are, coming into Goersdorf.

What struck me driving through town is that I did not see any businesses open.  I didn’t see business come to think about it.  I figured this is a farming town, people go work elsewhere, or they are retired.


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