Seebach – One Line Back to 1667!

Third Great Grandmother, Katharina Senn Berger, wife of Johannes Dionysus Berger, was born in Seebach, France in 1800.  She probably met Johannes in Russia since they were just toddlers when we know the Berger clan took off.   All of Katharina’s line, all came from Seebach all the way back to our 8th Great Grandparents, Dominico and Maria, born around 1667.

All the Senn’s were from Seebach, and they all married women from Seebach!

My focus on this trip was to just see the places, be on the ground.  I’m sure if I had of stopped people (not that there were that many out and about), I could have ran into some long lost relative!  This is quite a bit of generational history in this one place.  As with most everywhere else I visited, it seemed like the town was closed down for vacation (lucky Europeans).


My guess is that this is a farming community as it is surrounded by farmland.  No signs of industry.  Just people tending the land.

The church has several dates on stones form the 1700’s up into the 1900’s.  I’m not sure if any of people saw this prior to leaving for Russia.  However, if this is like most everywhere else, people have been gathering on that land for worship for a lot longer than the building has been there.

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