Great Grandparents Mathias and Rosalia Berger to 4th Great Grandparents

Mathias, son of George and Elizabeth, married Rosalia Jahner, both of whom were born in Ukraine and died in North Dakota.  Rosalia’s parents, Peter and Appolonia,  were born in Ukraine.  I am not sure where her grandparents,  Jakob and Franziska, were born.  They could have very well been born in Ukraine or en route (1802 & 1807).  There is no history on Appolonia, whose last name was Berger, or Franziska (Eichenlaug).

Rosalia’s Great Grandparents, our 2nd Great Grandparents, Johannes Adam Jahner and Maria Ursula Himmelspach, were both from Jockgrim, born in 1775 & 1771, respectively.  I wonder if they knew any of the Berger clan who was in Jockgrim at the time – 2nd to 4th Great Grandparents.

Johannes’ parents, 3rd Great Grandparents Jakobus and Margaretha (Daum) were both from Kandel.  Kandel was a cute little town.  I really enjoyed it.

It felt like it had a small college vibe.  There was a main street with businesses open and I thought I had a picture of that, but, apparently not.  There was also so new housing that had been built and was being built.  It felt good.

Maria Ursula Himmelspach Jahner’s father, our 5th Great Grandfather, Anton Himmeslpach, was from Hatzenbul, Germany; his wife, Catharina Faust, was also from Jockgrim.  And this is where the line ends.


Hatzenbul is very small.  Outside of a nice church and road construction, there was nothing really of note.

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