2nd Great Grandparents George and Elizabeth Berger

Now we are to the people born in Russia/Ukraine.  George is the son of Johannes and Katharina Berger and was born in what is now Ukraine.  Elizabeth is born in Ukraine.  Her father was also born there.  (George was born to his parents when they were 39 and Elizabeths parents were 20 when she was born.)  Elizabeth’s mother was born in a small French village called Wintzenbach.  I was unable to find out anymore about her.

George and Elizabeth would be the first on the Berger side to come to the United States, settling in North Dakota where they both passed away.

Wintzenbach is a cute little village.  I have to say this one had the prettiest homes.  It was out of the way of the other places I had been.  There were a few villages nearby that had similar style homes that were just different from the rest.  And it really is little.  Only a street or two.  No central business district.  It did have a church.  Perhaps what I liked the best were the double rainbows that greeted me as I drove away.  It was as if the ancestors were saying “good bye and safe travels.”

From here I drove back to Jockgrim for my farewell toast.

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